The best cat foods, in the USA

A team at in Seattle spent two months analysing 2,443 formulas of cat food – wet and dry – to find the 18 highest-quality brands. We were alerted to the results by one of our contacts there named Jessica, who wanted to share the review with us as “our work could benefit your readers.

Although the results are only really relevant to our readers across the pond, as most of the cat food types tested are not available here in the UK, this review is still very interesting – and surprising – to read. listed every brand and type of non-prescription cat food on the market, which had a “complete and balanced” certification from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

The reviewers then went through a strict testing process where they identified elements and ingredients that would not be in the top most cat foods and started cutting brands according to those testing points. So at each stage of the process, lets you know how many types of cat food from the initial 2,443 tested were cut and the reason(s) why those brands didn’t make the final list.

From 950 types being cut due to having artificial colours and flavourings to 238 cut since they were mostly made up of water rather than any real meat content.

Why was this review carried out?

Our contact, Jessica, told us: “I recently adopted a shelter kitty on a spontaneous trip to the humane society and I couldn’t be happier with my sweet girl Olive in tow! While on the hunt for cat care tips, I was glad to come across your site! I thought to return the favour and share a cat food guide my team at recently put together.

Our researchers spent hundreds of hours researching what constitutes the optimal feline diet, speaking to vets and poring over studies. We then analysed over 1,700 cat food formulas, nixing those containing unsafe or mysterious ingredients before arriving at our recommendations.”

You can read the full review here: , which also handily includes tips on how to make your final pick of the best cat foods, what you should be aware of when buying new cat food brands and types, and how to decipher the cat food labels’ ingredients.

“We’re hoping our guide can help others navigate the sometimes confusing cat food industry, and we thought your site was the perfect place for it!” Jessica said when she contacted us with this review.

We’re sure it will, so a big thanks to for all of their hard work and time in doing this testing, and to Jessica for sharing it with us, to help you – our US readers – pick the right cat food for your feline.




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