Billy the stray – a forever cat


Billy from Yardley in Birmingham is the winner of this week’s Moggy of the Week, winning the free Felight cat litter prize from our sponsor, Felight.

This cute black and white kitty was selected as, being a stray, his story tugged at my heartstrings.

His mummy, Allison, said: “Five years ago I arrived home from work to find a beautiful but thin and hungry looking black and white cat hiding under a bush in my front garden. Gently I went over to it and put my hand out. Surprisingly it came over to me and seemed to love the fuss. Thinking no more of it I went inside. In the morning I went out and the same cat was still there. This continued throughout the next day and night so I bought a tin of cat food, opened it up on my porch and popped it down. It was wolfed down in a second. The cat then curled up on the porch and fell asleep – seeming to have found its forever home.

The rest is history as, after checking the neighbourhood and getting a vet check and microchip, Billy became mine. I wouldn’t be without him now. He is the most friendly, chatty cat in the world, and loves cuddles and sleeping curled up next to me on my bed. He takes up most of the bed so that I sleep on the edge every night!!!

Billy 2

He is so intelligent, knowing my every routine and move! No longer can I sleep in as he just knows when breakfast time is, poking me in the face, walking across me and telling me very loudly every morning that it is time to get up. He rushes down my drive every evening as I arrive home and says hello very loudly (in cat speak of course), and comes in to his name at bedtime every night for his little saucer of cat milk. I wouldn’t be without him.”

So, Billy found his forever home but more, Allison found her forever cat.

Adopt don’t shop is a wonderful message for anyone wanting a pet, as there are tonnes of cat – and dog! – homes with lots and lots of lovely animals just waiting for someone to adopt them and give them the home that they deserve, like lucky Billy has found with Allison.

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