Brian and Amy – brother and sister strays that stayed together


Look at our Moggy of the Week (or should that be Moggies of the Week?) winners, Brian and Amy. This brother and sister pair look so much alike and can now share their prize of a free bag of Felight cat litter from our sponsor, Felight.

Brian and Amy are owned by driving instructor Linda and her family. They are 4.5 years old, British long hair kitties.


Mum Linda says: “We found Brian and his sister Amy on the Cat’s Protection League website. Their disabled owner had died and they were looking for a new home either together or separately. Since we would never have separated them and couldn’t leave them both there, we took both Brian and Ay home with us. A few days after arrival Brian found a hole under the bath to hide in and it took a week for him to come out! But since then he’s been a really loving pussy cat.

Amy is a real sweetie, although of the two she’s more feisty than Brian. When Brian was having issues with another cat, she punched the other cat! It took a while for Brian and Amy to get used to legs as their old owner had been in a wheel chair so that was what they were used to.”

Both of these cats have adapted well to their new home and it just goes to show how easy going and flexible cats can be when they are treated with patience and understanding. Now, Brian and Amy are part of a family that also includes a gerbil and guinea pig named Monty and Gerald.

We wish them a long and happy life together!

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