Catipilla gets cats climbing the walls


It’s not often we hear about cat-related Kickstarter campaigns, but one that we are keen to share with you guys is the soon-to-be launched kitty climbing assist from Catipilla, a UK start-up that has designed a unique tool to help cats do what comes naturally – climb.

The product

The Catipilla product is basically a climbing frame that cat-owners can put up outside windows to help their feline friends get up to them easier. Described by Catipilla as a functional alternative to the cat flap, the product is also good for cats to climb and alert you to their presence too we thought as you wouldn’t miss seeing your kitty on the outside bathroom window ledge, would you?

The Catipilla product is lightweight and versatile design so you can easily install it plus change its layout/design to be specifically tailored to your use and cat(s) needs. And it doesn’t just have to be used outside your home – it could be used to help your aging and playful moggies climb the walls and move around the inside of your home with ease.


Made of high-quality materials including aluminum, the Catipilla product has also been designed with home security and safety features in mind – the ‘steps’ for example will not be big or strong enough to hold a human’s weight, so no need to worry about would-be burglars using it to get into your property.

The founders

Founded by the Sutton family, the idea for Catipilla came from a homemade device that the family made for their sixteen year old kitty, Smudge, to get in and out of the window. The climbing frame instantly caught the attention of visitors who wanted one of their own and soon Catipilla will launch its very own crowd-funding page on Kickstarter to bring the ingenious device to the 5 million+ cat-owning households here in the UK.

Catipilla’s CEO Andy Sutton explains: ‘We are excited to bring Catipilla’s innovation to cat lovers. To reach the next stage of our journey, we are now embarking on a small-scale crowd-funding campaign to kick-off our first production run. With the right support, we aim to bring our first product to market in the spring.’

Kickstarter promo

Visit the Kickstarter non-live project page here to see the product video, speak to the Catipilla team directly and to show them your support for this and other cat-related  products:

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