Catipilla signs retail partnership with Pets at Home


Just four months on from the company’s launch, new cat brand Catipilla has entered into a retail agreement with Pets at Home for the pet retailer to trial selling its cat climbing product online.

Having initially started out as a Kickstarter venture, which we were one of the first cat sites to promote and back, Catipilla launched its new
range of cat climbing frames at the National Pet Show in November last year and with  business angel backing now manufactures products that promote a healthy lifestyle by replicating a cat’s natural environment and creating safe, stimulating spaces for them to roam and climb freely.

Catipilla is now selling its product in 5 countries and is attracting the attention of avid cat lovers, thanks to its cat climbing frame’s design and simplicity in allowing kitties to do what they love best – scale heights and adventure.

Joining forces with Pets at Home to increase its offering, online, to UK customers, Catipilla has come from humble beginnings, with the company founded in 2017 by 23 year old entrepreneur and cat-lover Joseph Sutton.

He told us: “We have been making some real strides over the past couple of months and I’m delighted to let you know that we have entered into a retail partnership with Pets at Home. As you will know, Pets at Home is the biggest UK pet retailer and this is a huge step for us. Catipilla’s cat climbing frames were originally designed as a DIY ramp to help my elderly cat – 16 year old Smudge – get in and out of the home.”

The  team behind Catipilla are now manufacturing product at scale for commercial use and, staying close to the initial design, with the range focused on improving the health and general well-being of cats. The cat climbing frames can be mounted both indoors and out, providing differing options for cat owners who want to build cat friendly spaces. The Catipilla Pro is a 2-metre high cat climber and the core product in their range, priced at £150. Developed to encourage cats to climb naturally, the Catipilla Pro provides a pathway up walls and makes excellent use of vertical wall space. It has been designed with the highest quality materials and is modular, allowing installations to be tailored to suit a variety of home environments.

Catipilla is also developing a range of other modules that appeal to a cat’s natural instincts. The Catipilla Mini is a 1m climber that is ideal for tighter spaces, starting at £90. The Catipilla High Plate and Catipilla Hammock are modern, wall-mounted cat beds for rest and relaxation. A number of other modules, including a scratching post and crib, are in the development stage and are due to be realised later this year, so we’ll let you knmow when those come out and where to get them from.

Catipilla’s range of climbing frames and hammock beds is now available to purchase through the Pets at Home website though and, for a limited time only, there is a chance to save 20% when you spend £80 on selected cat litter trays and furniture, simply by entering the code CAT20 at checkout.

Alternatively, you can buy each of the products directly via Catipilla’s website: – you can also visit there for more information on Catipilla and to keep up to date with how this cat-crazy UK start-up is doing.

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