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Catipilla Pro Cat Tree

Remember we told you all about soon-to-be launched kitty climbing assist from Catipilla, a UK start-up that has designed a unique tool to help cats do what comes naturally – climb?

Well the Catipilla Pro Cat Tree is now officially launched on Kickstarter and has, in its first 10 days, reached the 20% mark on its £15,000 fundraising goal. But, to help this cool and fun new cat-friendly product make it all the way, the founding family at Catipilla needs your help.

An innovative cat climbing frame that makes use of vertical wall space both inside and outside the home

The Sutton family’s goal is to receive £15K in pledged donations by 10 May, to bring the Catipilla Pro Cat Tree to life. They aim for it to be priced at £160 but early bird donation pledges will get it for just £90! Shipping is planned for September so there really isn’t much time to wait.

To help make this climbing frame that cat-owners can put up outside windows to help their feline friends get up to them easier bloom, visit here for more info: and to watch the concept video, featuring founder Smudge the Cat!e love this Cat Tree because, quite simply, it is – as described by the Catipilla team themselves – a functional alternative to the cat flap. It essentially allows your kitty to climb, which is one of the things every cat owners knows is a fave pass-time of their feline friend, and, if your cat is outside, he or she can climb up to a window to alert you to their presence – so you won’t ever miss seeing your kitty on the outside window ledge to let them in.

For those of you who want to support Catipilla’s Kickstarter project and be in line to welcome the brand new cat-friendly climbing assist tree into your home – and your kitty’s life – you can sign up to pledge to donate any amount between £5 and £900+ – each donation offers a reserved place on the Founder Wall but see below what the donation amounts offer you as a supporter in addition to recognition as a founder:

  • £5 or more – join the mailing list to hear all about Catipilla and to learn first hand when the new cat tree is ready for shipping;
  • £15 or more – you’ll get a cool Catipilla bag for life, which is a handy accessory for everyone while out and about;
  • £30 or more – you’ll receive a Catipilla t-shirt and become part of the team, showing your support openly;
  • £90 – £110 or more – you get yourself – or rather your kitty – a super early bird priced Cat Tree all of your own. Normally going to be priced at £160, this gives you a massive £70 saving so practically half price;
  • £195 or more – for those who want more than one, this donation pledge provides two Catipilla Pro’s for your cats to reach usually unreachable heights – a saving of £125 (40%);
  • £350 or more – these pledgers are really lucky as they’ll get a Catipilla Pro Cat Treet, a t-shirt and they’ll be the first to receive every new component that the team bring to market free of charge, excluding shipping, until 2020 – so you’ll never miss a thing;
  • £475 or more – 5 Catipillas – a saving of £325 and enough height-handling product to ensure your cat can reach the spots he or she may not have been quite able to reach before;
  • £500 or more – you’ll get a Catipilla Pro Cat Tree and be treated to a special day out at Woburn Safari Park for up to 4 people, including an up-close and personal experience with the Park’s very own Big Cats, which we want photos of if you are one of these backers;
  • £600 or more – in addition to getting your own Catipilla Pro, Catipilla t-shirt and bag for life, you’ll also be one of a lucky few (limited to three) to receive a VIP invite for two to the official launch party in London, where you’ll get to meet the Catipilla team themselves;
  • Finally, last but not least, £900 or more – ideal for pet shops, you’ll get 10 Catipilla Pros to start selling yourself or, for cat-lovers, for creating walkways all around and over and outside your home and garden. A signficant saving of £700!

Go on, join the current (but growing!) 39 backers who know what a welcome relief this cat climbing frame will be to your feline friends – keeping them entertained and helping them to reach new heights. We want all of our readers to pull together to help this fun new creation reach the development phase.

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