This kitty is her mum’s “everything” – aw

Our Moggy of the Week is Neela Shanmuhalingam. Just 3 years old, Neela is her mum Lagshiga’s “everything”.

Lagshiga, from Brighton, said: “Neela’s the only one that gets me and has saved me. When I’m sad or crying she rolls around in front of me or bites my feet to make me happy. She loves playing chase, peek a boo and fetch with me. Every evening she waits by the stairs to be fed a treat. She’s cheeky, mischievous and the cutest cat in the world.”

Neela also likes to sleep lots – as you can see from the pics her mum sent in to us 🙂


She also seems to think she is a tiger, or another big cat – just look at this roar, or is it a smile!?! Either way, Neela’s cuteness has bowled us all over here at MyMoggiesandMe.

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