Celebrating a cat’s birthday

Our Moggy of the Week is Robert Humphrey from the railway town of Didcot in Oxfordshire.

Robert’s mum, Janet, said that Robert came to her from a local cats’ rehoming centre in Oxford in late February 2012 and, despite not knowing exactly how old he is, she always marks that day as his birthday since that was the day that he joined her family.

She went on to say: “Robert is our second cat, after our first cat, Jones, died aged 21 years old. We’re not absolutely sure how old Robert is, but he was around 8 years old last year” so he celebrated his 9th birthday only two months ago.

21 is a ripe old age for a cat, as most cats tend to live until around 16 as an average age, so we know that Jones must have had a very good and settled life in Janet’s home with her and their family – and Robert too.

We picked Robert as our winner as it will soon be our micro chip kitten, Ripley Ellen’s, 2nd birthday – next week! – and we try to encourage that cat-parents mark the occasion with presents and treats, like we do. Our plan for Ripley is a new toy as our other cats are all 10 years+ so they are not quite as energetic as she is, and so she needs something to attract her attention and keep her occupied.
We asked Janet why Robert had ended up in a cats’ rehoming centre, but she didn’t know the details of his background, except to tell us that “He was ill treated in his previous home,  and spent four days and nights inside our duvet cover” after she got him home until he felt safe enough to come out. However, now “four years on, he  is king of our castle.”
A happy end to a sad start, and we are sure that Robert is happy in his new “castle” home – just look at that satisfied expression on his face in the photo. Love it!

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