Only 7 weeks ’til Cats-mas

It’s only 7 weeks now until Christmas, or Cats-mas as we like to call it, so hopefully you have all finished your gift shopping and are now starting to wrap family and friends’ presents…but what about getting a little something for your kitty to show them how much you love them over this festive period?

If, like us, you are stuck for ideas, here are some of the cool and fun things that are out now, which we think would be perfect pressies for your feline friends this Christmas!

One-stop shop

Find Me A Gift is an excellent one-stop shop for all your gift ideas and needs, as it literally has something for everyone. Here are our five favourites for cats and cat-lovers on sale now via this amazing website:

1. The personalised cat cushion cover, which you can have your favourite feline’s name added to, for only £14.99.

2. The Meow Photo Frame, a cute picture holder that has an adorable kitty on the front, that you can replace picture-wise with a photo of your own Furry Baby, for just £7.99.

3. To give your cat even more credit on your picture wall, Find Me A Gift also has this fabulous Pet By My Side Personalised Print that you can add the date you got your kitty to, from £9.99.

4. Now those are all pretty much gift ideas for cat-lovers so, if you’re looking specifically for something for your cat rather than yourself, then our pick would be this funky Cat Deck DJ scratch post, which has been reduced for a limited time from £19.99 to just £17.99 – bargain!

5. And finally, as we all know cats are crazy eaters, and do indeed want whatever you’re having at dinner time, this Happy Jackson Large Pet Bowl says it all really, for only £9.99.




Board game for Xmas Day

On Christmas Day, every feline-friendly family will be settling down after dinner to watch TV but, if you prefer to play a board game then Cat Chaos, by Ginger Fox, is the one that we’d recommend as it is cat-related and ideal for those who are feline lucky. Priced at just £8, this cat card-swapping game will indulge your cat craziness. Simple to pick up, difficult to put down and purr-fect for two or more people, there are 25 hilarious cat celebrity cards included, so you and your family and friends can claw your way to victory by collecting the most sets.

Kitty Xmas dinner

IAMS is a very well-known and popular cat food brand, which our four rescue cats love with a passion, so of course we had to add it into this Christmas gift list as, with it costing £16.49 for 3kg, it is slightly more expensive than traditional and cheap cat food, but worth the extra expense for treating your wee ones over Christmas. IAMS Proactive Health for Cats is perfect for pet owners wishing to treat their feline friend to the purr-fect gift this Christmas, and will give cats the nutrition they need to enjoy life’s little adventures.

For you, and your cat

For wee kittens that are leaving masses of cat hair around your decorated home, the FURminator My FURst GroomerTM for Kittens is a must. Priced at only £12.99, this set is specifically designed to offer a soothing, massaging experience that your kitten will enjoy while you are also keeping his or her hair clean and healthy.

Every cat -lover knows that brushing your cat regularly minimises unwanted hair around the home but, if your feline is long-haired, then the FURminator DeShedding Tool, for just £17.99, is for you. With this cool tool, unwanted pet hair around the home can be a thing of the past, as it reduces shedding by up to 90%.

But whatever you choose to get for your cat this Christmas, enjoy the entire season with fun and frivolity and try not to spoil your little tyke with too much turkey on the big day itself. Merry Christmas everyone.




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