Blofeld’s Persian has nothing on Mitzy Wild

Our winning Moggy of the Week is Persian Chinchilla Mitzy Wild – the same type of cat as James Bond’s nemesis Blofeld’s – from the movies From Russia With Love, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever and For Your Eyes Only, amongst many others.

Mitzy is one of a pair of Chinchilla Persian kitties that her mum Michelle bought from a seller in Lancashire. Sadly, Mitzy’s brother passed away at just four months’ old, but thankfully Mitzy did not.

Michelle told us that “They were both the most good-tempered Persians I have ever had. Mitzy licks your ears, smells your breath, and gets so close to your face that you can feel the breeze from her nostrils.”

Chinchilla Persian cats are very striking in appearance, with long, thick silver-white fur coats and green eyes. Their temperament is very people-friendly, as they love fuss and attention and give lots of love in return.

As you can see from the photo that Michelle sent us of Mitzy, she looks a bit dishevelled in the morning and Michelle claims that her “cleaning routine leaves much to be desired”.

Before considering taking in a Chinchilla Persian cat, would-be parents need to be aware that the grooming requirements for this type of kitty is an important activity that you should take on and make routine,

The best advice for grooming cats like Mitzy is to use a wide toothed comb to brush through the fur every morning, to stop any knots from forming, or to get rid of any that have formed. Vets advise not to forget the underneath of your cat as that hair is more likely to become knotted and overlooked, with your feline lying on his or her belly.

Once a week, you can also shake a little baby powder into the coat so it acts like a dry shampoo, to stop the coat from becoming greasy and matted.

Making grooming a regular routine gives you time with your Chinchilla Persian, or other long-haired cats, that will strengthen the bond and affection between you – something that Michelle has in spades.

“I reckon she will continue in her delightful nosey, or should I say inquisitive, way for many a day to come. I wouldn’t change a whisker, even when she dribbles on me.”

Here’s to all of the Chinchilla Persian cats out there, including Blofeld’s!


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