Christmas gift guide for cats


So, with less than eight weeks to go until Christmas, here is a simple round up for those looking to buy a little festive something for their furry friends. My Christmas Gift Guide is – in essence – all of the fab things to give to your cat this year – none of which will break the bank. All are available online too, so you can shop for your kitty from the comfort of home.


Flying Tiger – food bowls and pet treat toys

One from a European destination worth considering is the pet food treat toy from Danish design store, Flying Tiger, which has just been launched.

The toy makes your kitty work for their treats – giving them some (probably!) much-needed exercise, which isn’t too bad a thing considering all of the spoils they’ll be looking to get from the Christmas dinner table. At just £2, I think it’s one of the best under £2.50 gifts available.


Flying Tiger also has a cute fish-shaped food bowl that – for just £1 – is a total bargain. It’s plastic so easy to wipe clean and, although shallow in depth, is wide enough for a whole pouch of food per serving along with some biscuits.


Pets at Home – flea collars

From velour soft collars to glitter, diamante and reflective ones, Pets at Home has thought of every style choice possible to make your kitty a standout star attraction this Christmas, with his or her very own flea collar. Our personal favourites are the reflective ones so you can see where your Furry Friend is even in the dark.

This comfortable fabric collar also provides the added benefit of helping to keep your cat safe at night with the use of a reflective material.


Suitable for cats of 12 weeks and older, these collars last for up to four months but I would always recommend checking your cats on a monthly basis to ensure he or she doesn’t have any fleas. Pets at Home also sells flea combs, so is a one-stop shop to visit when you need to sort out your kitty’s pesky flea problems.

IAMS – Delight cat food

As a cat parent, I can tell you that cats like variety and tend to prefer tasty meals that have real meaty chunks and chicken plus succulent fish in them. So, like a lot of owners, I will be purchasing IAMS Delight to give my five rescue cats a special meal of their own this Christmas.

The NINE mouth-watering varieties include Senior with Chicken in Gravy, and Kitten with Chicken in Gravy, Salmon & Trout in Jelly, Tuna & Peas in Gravy, Chicken & Turkey in Gravy, Turkey & Duck in Jelly, Lamb & Pepper in Gravy, Beef & Liver in Gravy and Lamb & Liver in Jelly.



Personalised cat stocking

What would the festive season be without your very own stocking filled with treats on Christmas morning? No cat lover should be without a cute personalised Christmas Cat Stocking for their very own kitty – we love this one by Concept4U which, at £7.49, can be personalised with your cat’s name and is big enough to fit a number of gift – cat nip, toys, and treats etc – into.


Stocking filler

Now, what to put in your kitty’s stocking? Something that’s sure to prove a great gift for your cat is this Pet Cat Christmas Stocking Filler that comes with cat nip pillow/toy, jingly jangly balls for your cat to chase around and other treats. Each stocking comes with six toys to keep your cat entertained over Christmas and beyond. A bargain at just £5.50 for two fillers.



PetPlanet – cat beds

These honestly look comfortable enough to sleep in ourselves so we have no hesitation in recommending these comfy soft sleeping spots – that are machine washable.

Our personal favourites are the Cushy Cave Minou, which is an igloo-shaped hidey hole with a faux fur covered rim, and the cute Rosewood Tweed and Plush bed, a hard wearing, polyester fabric that will stand up well to the hard use pets can give bedding.


PetSafe – FroliCat™ CHATTER cat teasers

The CHATTER automatic cat teaser is a bird on a spring – that chirps and wobbles to keep your cat playing. For surprise play sessions, use Play While You Are Away mode to keep cats engaged throughout the day. Essentially this toy mimics a real life bird that bounces up and down and makes chirping noises to attract and entertain your kitty. It requires 3 x AA batteries but automatically turns off after 10 – 15 minutes to save them running down too fast. This is a particularly good toy for kittens – see Ripley, my youngest (5 months) having a go:

See my kitten Ripley playing with this very toy by visiting our Instagram page:


Climbing post activity centre

Kitties love to keep their claws sharp and to hide so what better gift to give your furry friend than one of these cat tree climbing frames that also double as scratching posts?

The first one I recommend is the Milo & Misty Three Platform Post Activity Centre. Just £18.99, this cat tree scratching post keeps cats entertained for hours as it has three toy mice for them to hunt and capture while climbing the stairs and a hammock for when they are done, so they can rest in relative peace. A sturdy construction, this cat tree comes in a natural beige colour, which we think fits into most interior designs.


Cat tree scratch post

The other scratching post climbing frame that we think is great costs a little bit more but, at £28.99, the Tuff Concepts Cat Tree offers your cat(s) a great place to rest and explore. Its natural sisal scratching post maintains your kitty’s claws while it’s high quality synthetic fur covering gives them a comfortable place to take a well-earned nap.



PetSafe – FroliCat™ CHATTER cat teasers

The POUNCE cat teaser is an automatic, rotating, hide-and-seek cat toy that introduces your kitty to Marshal Maus™ – an electronic mouse that “zips around the circular path, zooming forward, reversing direction, hiding under obstacles and occasionally twitching back and forth”.

It is this unpredictable – and very effectively imitated mouse – movement that serves to stimulate your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, chase and pounce on this poor plastic prey. And, as it comes with four speed settings, you can make it slow and easy for elderly kitties, a little faster for adults and manic super speed for kittens like Ripley.

As with the FroliCat CHATTER cat teaser, the POUNCE turns off automatically after 10 minutes of play time.


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