Our competition has now closed

A massive thank you to everyone who entered our FREE Cat Toys and Treats Hamper competition , which was sponsored by  the animal-loving team at Webbox.

We have had a fantastic amount of entries and are currently listing each of the winning cats onto a spreadsheet so that we can feed the info into a random name picker, to select our one lucky final winner.

That same winner will be officially announced on Monday so visit us again then to find out if your friendly feline is the one being sent our amazing complimentary prize – a hamper containing over £30 worth of all sorts of kitties treats and play toys and other fab gifts, including:

  • 100% natural cat treats and complete dry and meat/fish selection cat foods and nibbles – wheat and gluten free (so good for kitties with sensitive tummies or allergies), but still super tasty and easily digestible;
  • Soft bristle brush to make your cat’s fur as shiny and soft as they would want – ensures your cat’s coat stays in tip top condition via grooming to help spread essential oils without any effort by your kitty;
  • Kitty laser pointer – for you both to play around with – comes with four interchangeable design attachments so your cat can chase whichever prey it prefers;
  • Plush owl toy, for your cat to snuggle into and (if anything like my five rescue cats) eat (as it contains catnip);
  • Catnip mulitpack – toys and treats in this that all contain catnip to keep your kitty happy and drive him/her wild;
  • Rainbow jingle toy – a noisy but fun one for your kitty to roll around with;
  • Swat and Sway toy box – provides interactive entertainment and encourages mental stimulation so good for cats to play solo or as a shared toy.


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