Duerrs Peamutt Butter – NOT FOR DOGS OR CATS!

I’ve seen loads of reviews recently for Duerr & Sons’ Peamutt Butter. Now this is apparently peanut butter for dogs. My sister-in-law to-be’s puppy – a Lhasa Apso named D’Arcy – wolfs (excuse the pun) it down, so I am convinced that this tasty treat is just that. However, I feel that pet owners – and especially kitty parents – need to be warned that peanut butter is really not good for cats or dogs!

Firstly most manufactured peanut butters contain aflatoxins, which can harm your pet’s liver and potentially risk cancer if continually fed to them. Now I know from experience that cats (and probably dogs too) are obsessed by peanut butter. I don’t know if it’s a nice smell or whatever is in it that keeps them interested when I am spreading said condiment over my toast for breakfast, but I would never EVER risk the health of my cats for the sake of making them happy with a taste of peanut butter.

If you are unconvinced and still open to treating your cats to some peanut butter of a morning, let me just say that peanut butter is renowned for sticking in your cats throat as it is sticky in nature, so may cause him or her to choke. Hairballs certainly aren’t coming up past that!

If cats eat peanut butter it can result in sickness and diarrhoea, which is never pleasant for you or them. So why give it to them in the first place? There is absolutely nothing nutritionally beneficial to cats in this breakfast spread. In fact, cats only really use food (wet and dry cat food with the occasional fresh meat as a sparing treat) to get the energy together for a snooze that lasts until the next meal time.

Now I love, worship and adore my little boobas but I for one am anti peanut butter for all pets so I’m afraid Duerr has missed the mark in marketing to me.



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