Felight cat litter is a delight – Review

Felight crystals - our new favourite antibacterial, odour neutralising cat litter
Felight crystals – our new favourite antibacterial, odour neutralising cat litter

Felight is a cat litter that we have tried out for the first time ever, and will definitely be buying again.

The manufacturer Bob Martin says it’s “Super light and super effective, only our best cat litter products have Felight on the bag. Felight brings you the best, most effective cat litters and a range of accessories to make the everyday tasks as easy as possible. From super absorbent and odour controlling cat litters to odour free wipes for the regular tray change. There is a cat litter for every type of paw in our growing range.”

And this is what we say:

Felight crystals

Antibacterial, the crystals’ cat litter appears to be very odour neutralising but does not clump like some litters do, which may or may not be a negative point depending on how you manage your cats litter. It does appear to be very effective and good at what it does. Could not make out any pet odour from both pee and poo and seemed very sanitary. It seemed to attach to the poo, which is probably why it was so good at getting rid of any bad smells. As for pee to soak ratio I was unsure at how good it would be at this given the small test sample available.

SUMMARY: Very odour neutralizing but doesn’t clump.


Felight antibacterial

The antibacterial cat litter is very different from the crystal type of litter as it has a very fine texture, akin to sand. This type of littler is clumping litter, which means it will form sand like balls when it absorbs pee so it can be easier to clean on a daily basis but will require top up. Again there did not appear to be any odour given off which was great and again I was impressed by its odour neutralising qualities. The package does mention something about being more hygienic than other litters but without a bacteria testing kit I would be unable to verify this claim.

SUMMARY: Easy to clean as it clumps, plus is good at neutralizing odour.

We – me and the four Furry Babie s- liked the crystal cat litter better than the antibacterial one – so much so in fact that we are now using Felight crystals as our preferred daily cat litter of choice.

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