Is Felipure better than Catsan?

So you all know how much we, and our four rescue cats, love Catsan cat litter, right? Well now there is a new kid on the block, Felipure Pro-Clumping Cat Litter, that’s turning heads and we wondered whether the grass is greener on the Felipure side, or if after testing it we’d stick with our favourite Catsan……

What is Felipure?

First thing is first, a backgrounder on this new cat litter………

Felipure is the first cat litter of its kind – an effective clay-based cat litter than claims to block odours for up to 72 hours and make clump removal even easier – cat parents breath a sigh of relief! It does this by being made of natural mineral granules that absorb liquid like sand and then hardens into a more solid clump for you to remove the used sections. It is also low tacking, so by drawing moisture deep into its granules, this pro-clumping cat litter helps keep your kitty’s paws clean and reduces the amount of cat litter that ends up all over your floor/carpets when cats come out of the litter box after using it. Genius!

Box over bag

The packaging that Felipure comes in is a box with a plastic handle, which we think works better than Catsan’s bag, since boxes are easier to stack, if you buy more than one cat litter in a shop – we tend to buy 5 – 6 bags/boxes every month. You can generally find spaces for boxes without any fear that, like the bags, they might tear and leak cat litter if the structure is compromised i.e. your cat jumps up on or over it with claws out.

Scented and unscented options

Secondly, as soon as we opened the box, we noted the gorgeous smell – Felipure comes in unscented and fresh cut grass scented options. Both are odour neutralising, but we liked the nice clean outdoorsy smell that the fresh cut grass one had, so would recommend that over the unscented version.

Single or multi cat box?

Felipure also comes in single cat and multi cat variations, so if like us you have more than just the one feline, then you can buy a cat litter that is specially designed to cope with a number of kitties using it.

Cats are very independent and territorial animals that are particularly picky about where they do their business so, if like us you have 1+ cats in your home, choosing a multi cat litter can make things better and easier for cats that are sharing the same litter tray as it will tend to be stronger than the single cat counterpart, providing better clumping during and after use, along with more effective odour neutralising properties, to control any potential whiff.

Odour Block™

Felipure multi cat contains extra strength Odour Block™, an antibacterial coating to help keep your cat’s litter tray fresh and hygienic, giving you peace of mind that your multi cat home is protected from unpleasant litter tray odours. Felipure is fast clumping, using natural mineral granules with Odour Block™ to absorb liquid and turn it into a clump of litter that is easy to pick out from the unused litter and throw away.

The claim that your home will be odour free for 72 hours after your cat has used its litter tray is also true, but even longer so with the fresh cut grass scented litter, in our opinion, so that’s the one that we recommend for multi cat households. It’s not the cheapest cat litter, but then the good ones never are as Catsan is also more expensive than other brands, but we think both are worth shelling out for as they are worth every penny.

How much and where to buy

Felipure is £21.99 for a 16KG box (fresh cut grass scented, for multi cat home) from Pet’s Corner stores and there is also an 8KG box available, for single cat homes and unscented, priced at just £9.99.

Finally, we followed the use instructions below, as on Felipure’s website, and – our favourite part of this new cat litter – were delighted to discover that the 16KG litter box lasted us a full month.

3 easy steps for use

  1. Fill a clean litter tray with Felipure to an approximate depth of 5cm.
  2. Scoop out clumps daily and dispose of the waste. The rest of your litter stays fresh and can be topped up as required.
  3. Once a month, empty and dispose of all litter. For optimum hygiene and freshness, clean the litter tray with a pet safe disinfectant.

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