Felix the House Cat

Felix the House Cat
Felix the House Cat

Our second weekly winner of sponsor, VetPlus’s Coatex Aloe Vera and Oatmeal gentle pet shampoo is Felix from Fife.

Felix (the House Cat 😄) is named after his mum Nicola’s granddad.

Nicola says: “Felix is a cheeky wee scamp. He is only 6 months old but he is going to be a big cat. He loves his grub and playing with his big brother Leo. Felix is also a stubborn wee character though – he likes to get his own way and acts cute to get what he wants.”

Felix is a beautiful blue/grey British Shorthair kitty, which means he will grow to be a larger than normal size cat, but not as big as a Main Coone.

British Shorthair cats are very laid-back so work well as indoor cats, as they are loving and homely.


Pam Beard-Smith, who is a chair woman of the British Shorthair Cat Club, describes Felix’s type of cat as being “the most laid-back cats; nothing fazes them and they do make really good pets. Generally they are good with toddlers and children, and good nature(d)” – a sentiment that Nicola seconds: “Felix is adorable and very affectionate.. He loves cuddling into me.”

British Shorthairs are perfectly happy to live as indoor cats, but Pam says they can enjoy going outside as well if they have the option: “They love to play, especially as kittens, and are very outgoing cats.”

Sharon Chance from the Best of British Shorthair Cat Club goes on to say: “British Shorthairs are intelligent cats. They have the most amazing temperament – you won’t see a grumpy Shorthair.”

We at MyMosggiesandMe love all kinds of cats but think the British shorthair sounds like an ideal companion for families and elderly parents.

A massive congratulations to this week’s VetPlus winner, Felix – your Coatex shampoo is on its way to you now!



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