A merry Mogwai Xmas to Gizmo

Perhaps the cutest, but most unexpected, Christmas gift in the movie, Gremlins, Gizmo is also a tough wee fighter Tuxedo kitty from Surrey – and one that we wanted to recognise as our last ever Moggy of the Week for 2017.

Gizmo Morton deserves to win this title as he has had a very tough time over the first few months of this year, as his mum Rebecca told us: “Gizmo developed bladder crystals repeatedly, which in turn caused a severe blockage in his body that left him in agony.”

Rebecca said it was extremely hard to see poor wee Gizmo in so much discomfort and pain, as “he means the world to our family”. The Mortons decided to down the operation route to try and help Gizmo, who had to have major surgery through a perineal urethrostomy, which is an operation to clear the blockage stopping urine travelling down the urinary track by making a new hole for the urine to come out.

“Luckily our wonderful boy pulled through and has been doing OK. We’ve been trying to help make him feel more like his old self by playing with him and giving him treats.”

As if that is not enough for one cat to go through, Rebecca confided that Gizmo has had a few other scrapes in his life so far – he’s had his bladder problems, he was bitten by a dog, he went missing for three days when he was younger and he nearly lost one of his eyes when he got a thorn lodged in it!!!

It’s just as well that Gizmo has a wonderful vet, named Steve, who managed to save the potentially-lost eye and who continues to treat Gizmo for the different scrapes that he still gets himself into. Rebecca confided that he is an adventurous handful, so we think he is aptly named.

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