Good luck kitty came into family’s life at just the right time

This cute mackerel tabby kitty is Dotty, our Moggy of the Week. She is 10 months old and came into her mum Karen’s life just after the most terrible of times.

Karen told us: “My lovely old dad told me he had prostate cancer on the Saturday and then the next day my beloved 14 year old cat Jess had to be put down due to complications with his diabetes. I truly thought my heart would break.”

Karen said that in her upset moment, she went along to see a local lady who had 5 kittens and she “got so upset seeing them, but this tiny kitten came running towards me, and sat on my knee and purred and purred.. And that was it I knew I had been chosen“.

And so Dotty comforted her new mum and, despite already having another two cats named Louis and Ernie, Karen brought Dotty home with her.

“I wasn’t intending on getting another cat, but Dotty helped us get over the loss of Jess and the stress of my dad being ill. She is one special kitten and is loved more than words…”

And, Karen reckons, Dotty must be a positive influence on her new family as Karen’s dad got the all clear at Christmas, which is wonderful news. So here’s to Dotty, who came into her mum’s life after the worst weekend, but has cheered Karen up and make her family even more complete.

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