Harley and Quinn are our (Mayhem!) Moggies of the Week


Harley and Quinn are this week’s Moggy (Moggies) of the Week.

These inseparable six month old kitties live in Alness, Ross-shire with their mum Lorraine Smith, who says: “They live up to their name but we love them.”

We selected Harley and Quinn as joint winners because of their sad story before Lorraine adopted them. She explains: “The lady who had them was having trouble re-homing them because they were black cats. (I never understood that reason). I think black cats need to be celebrated and have the negative nonsense people give them lifted. These 2 sweeties are inseparable. When Quinn was at the vets having his little operation Harley waited for him in their corner of the sofa and when he came home she wouldn’t stop washing him and followed him everywhere. It will be interesting to see how he reacts when she goes for her operation.”

We totally agree that black cats need to be celebrated – see our earlier post talking about just that: http://www.mymoggiesandme.co.uk/national-black-cat-day/

Unlike our very own Bagheera kitty, Akira, though, it seems Harley and Quinn “live up to their name and cause mayhem.”

Lorraine says: “Poor Bronn, our border collie, loves them as they play with him all the time. We have to watch them though, because they have worked out how to open doors and pinch the treats – I am sure Bronn encourages them as he gets one of his treats too.  They are house cats as we live so close to the very busy A9 and have lost one cat to that road when we moved in. They seem happy with their toys and the dog and we are looking to build something outside so they can play in the garden in warmer weather.”

Lorraine had been looking to rescue and adopt a cat to be a companion for her Bronn, and was “given a number to call when we were having trouble finding one that would be happy in our mad house. I knew they were for us as soon as I saw them.”

We are so glad that Harley and Quinn – two gorgeous black cats – are now inseparable to one another and Bronn, and that they have a loving home where black cats are celebrated with their mum, Lorraine.


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