Hello, Dolly!

Meet Dolly, a super lucky 4 year old kitty that was adopted before she was even born!!!

Her mum, Amy, told us that she “met Dolly when she was in her mother’s tummy when I volunteered at a cat charity.  When Dolly was a kitten, she had shaking and coordination issues.  Vets thought that she was perhaps suffering from the effects of a virus she caught whilst developing in the womb, but it was never concluded what was wrong”.

Shaking in kittens can be any number of things, from tremors to hypoglycaemia – when their blood sugar level is too low, either because they are not feeding or they have cat diabetes – so if they are still shaking after you’ve fed them/tried to get them to have some cat milk, seriously consider calling the vet as diabetes will need to be managed for their entire life, so you’ll need advice and help.

Dolly’s early problems meant that she wasn’t any visiting potential adoptee’s first choice so Amy took Dolly back to her home instead and introduced her to the family’s existing pack – a Chihuahua called Charlie and a King Charles Spaniel called Daisy, alongside a hamster, a gerbil and a degu.

Amy said: “As soon as she arrived with us, all our animals knew she was very special.  Due to her condition, me and my mum took turns cuddling her constantly, and were always flanked by my two dogs who knew she was not well.  They nuzzled her like she was in the middle of a dog sandwich and didn’t leave her side, and since then they have all been inseparable.”

With the TLC of Amy, and nuzzlings from Charlie and Daisy, Dolly has grown in to her own, flourishing in confidence and independence.  She plays with Charlie the Chihuahua and cuddles up with Amy’s Spaniel Daisy, who has herself got a poorly condition – heart failure.

Every night on the third step upstairs on their way to bed (they all sleep together on the bed with my parents), Dolly and Daisy meet to have a kiss, and dolly then charges up the stairs to hide and jump out on Charlie.

We loved Amy’s story of how well her dogs took to Dolly the cat and we were even more delighted by the fact that, before she brought Dolly home, Amy had never thought of herself as a cat person. As you guys know, cats are mysterious creatures that, for whatever reason – whether you want one or not! sometimes you become parent to.

“Having Dolly in my life has taught us all so much about how animals, regardless of their breed, are one family.”

On a happy note, Amy did let us know that wee Dolly grew out of the shaking she had as a kitty, and her coordination is much better now too. So much so in fact that she now does so many awesome things, like hobby-wise, she loves hiding her cat toys down the pot holes of Amy’s pool table and having stare-offs with ants, LOL.

Dolly certainly is a Queen in her own home and doesn’t likes more than four people in the house at once. Whenever a fifth comes in, Amy said, she sulks on her cat scratch until they go – so here is a photo of her doing just that!

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