IAMS SURVEY: Pets make a house a home

A new kitchen, en-suite bathroom, large garden and a pet are all the things that make a simple house into a furrever home, according to a new survey by pet brand IAMS.

Having launched its charity initiative, I AM HOME, IAMS conducted a survey to find out exactly what homeowners, and renters, desired most when searching for a new property, and having a pet was one of the considerations that  topped the list, along with a fitted kitchen, plenty of garden space and an en-suite bathroom.

Brits spend around £250,621 on the ideal home, which is the average UK property price plus the average installation fee for a brand-new kitchen, the cost of putting in en-suite facilities and the lifetime cost of caring for a pet. IAMS survey revealed that over a quarter of Brits admit that not being able to have or keep a pet in rented properties is the worst thing about the rental market – something that we can attest to as we spent months recently scouring rental listings to find just 3 homes (yes, out of hundreds, there were only 3!), where the landlord would even consider allowing us to view, knowing that we have cats.

Getting a foot on the property ladder is a significant milestone but when it comes to purchasing a property, the number of bedrooms (60%), location (53%) and garden (52%) are the three must-haves for Brits. However, making that house into the ideal forever home also involved getting a pet (58%).

With 8 million cats (and 9 million dogs) kept as pets in the UK alone, it’s no surprise that IAMS’ survey indicates that we’re a nation of animal lovers. Almost six in ten adults felt that their furry family member is the number one factor in making their house a home, while a quarter (26%) complain that being unable to keep a pet is the biggest bug bear about renting. When it comes to the UK’s preferred pets, 22% confess a cat is the essential factor to making their house a fur-ever home – coming in second after dogs!

Further illustrating the fundamental role our four-legged friends play in our lives, over half (56%) of us claim the lounge is the heart of the home, which is perhaps no coincidence given it’s also the room in which our pets are said to spend the most time. In fact, half of us (50%) admit our dogs influence what we watch on the telly by barking in reaction to certain programmes, and while cats aren’t as vocal, they tend to hog the sofa with 60% refusing to move whenever their owner attempts to sit down. All cat parents can confirm that too, we’re sure, as our four are very much sofa-hoggers.

However, despite the fact we put our pets at the centre of our households, there are still countless animals, including kitties, without homes in the UK, but IAMS kicked off its I AM HOME charity drive to celebrate National Pet Month and, through this, set out to shed some light on this issue. Working with several animal charities across the country, IAMS’ I AM HOME is a charitable initiative that aims to raise awareness of the benefits of pet adoption and connect the thousands of rescue cats and dogs across the country with a loving family and furrever home.

IAMS Veterinary Training Manager, Kellie Ceccarelli, told us: As a nation of animal lovers, we enjoy a close bond with our pets. We treat them as members of the family and as such they occupy a truly special role at the heart of our home. However, sadly not all cats and dogs are given this opportunity.

At I AM HOME we try to remind people to consider pet adoption by working with more than 25 rescue centres across the UK as well as providing IAMS premium nutrition to animals in need, ensuring they benefit from a 100% complete and balanced diet and enjoy a healthy, active life while they wait to be united with a caring family. In fact, we’ve donated over 60 tonnes of pet nutrition to rescue and rehoming centres across the country. That’s the same weight as 16 elephants!”

For more information on I AM HOME, or to find out how you can get involved and help your local pet shelter or charity, visit IAMS UK on Facebook or go to www.iams.co.uk.

We are so pleased to see a responsible pet brand like IAMS highlighting the need for fostering and adoption of stray and homeless pets, and if 58% of Brits reveal that being able to have a pet is the number one factor in making their house a home, we also encourage landlords to consider allowing responsible renters, and pet-owners, to view and rent their properties, giving them somewhere for their pets to feel at home.

It’s not as if landlords would get away with saying “no kids”, right!?!???



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