How to keep your cat’s litter tray as fresh as a daisy – well, almost!


So, toilet training – in the cat litter tray – is going well with Ripley. I only bring it up as I spoke earlier in the week about her brush with the flush – having fallen into our toilet on Monday morning.

Ripley is taking to litter training like a duck to water thankfully, as we have adult-size closed litter trays with hoods and flap openings but she is slowly learning how to get in and out of them without any hassle – mostly by watching her furry brothers and sister. She is however reluctant to go when the litter tray has just been used by one of our other four rescue cats but I am keeping on top of the daily responsibility of kitty litter tray maintenance to encourage them all to go where they should and not elsewhere 🙂

My ritual – to keep the litter tray clean and used by all five cats – is to scoop out the overnight waste in the morning while I wait on the kettle boiling then after dinner, I scoop the day’s poop out and top up the litter tray with another layer of fresh odour neutralising litter before bed. There are literally hundreds of utensils and kitty accessories that you can buy and use to make this job easier. I myself use a Neater Scooper, as it allows me to scoop the poop into an odour neutralising baggy for immediate disposal. I use Felight and Catsan odour neutralising litters too, to really ensure our home does not smell like kitty mess.

Good but this is not the end of the cleaning ritual. Once a week I also empty completely and scrub clean the litter tray outside in our garden. I do this weekly because I am OCD and have FIVE cats so need to do cleaning a bit more regularly than the usually recommended once every month. You can choose to do it as often or rarely as you like. You’ll know yourself if your cat needs you to do it weekly or monthly or longer.

I don’t use bleach to clean the litter tray – instead I use boiling water and a good squirt of washing up liquid then scrub it with marigolds on and an old nail brush, that resides in our shed. SIMPLE!

If you follow my routine and tweak it to your own preference then no one need ever know that you have a litter tray in the room.

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