Lil Bub – runt of the litter is now famous

Lil Bub - MoW

Now that our Moggy of the Week competition is up and running, we wanted to try something a little different this week, by recognising a famous kitty.

This week’s Moggy of the Week winner is Lil Bub – a delightfully cute kitty from Indiana in the US of A.  Lil Bub is an American celebrity cat thanks to her unique appearance. Not only was she the runt of her litter – born to a feral mother apparently – but she also has several medical conditions that mean her tongue doesn’t fit into her mouth and is always sticking out – which we think is so cute and adorable that this is why we selected Lil Bub as this week’s deserving winner.

Along with a misaligned jaw – the reason her tongue sticks out, this wee beauty also suffers from osteopetrosis and has several genetic mutations, one of which is being a totally toothless kitty. All of these things made rehoming her as a kitten kind of difficult, which resulted in her owner, Mike Bridavsky, adopting her after his friends called to plead with this soft- hearted kitty lover to give Lil Bub the loving home that she deserved since no-one else wanted her:

Bridavsky has said that although Lil Bub has short legs and osteopetrosis restricting her movement, she is “a fantastic waddler.”

You can see more of Lil Bub via her Instagram page and, for even more cute runts of the litter, visit My Moggies Instagram to see what my four rescue cats get up on a day to day basis.



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