‘Lost’ pregnant cat returned home safe and sound

This is Lilly. She was nominated as Moggy of the Week by her dad, Sean Eccles, after being back in his home safe and sound, along with a litter of 9 day old kittens.

Sean told us that he wanted Lilly to be named Moggy of the Week because she went missing for 10 weeks, while pregnant, and that after hunting high and low for her, he had to come to terms with the fact that she was gone, before finding out that she was in fact living just around the corner.

10 weeks after giving up hope, Sean had received a call from Cats Protection to let him know that someone had found Lily. Sean was so relieved but his relief soon turned to despair when the lady who had found Lilly, and lived just around the corner from him, refused to let Sean have Lilly or her kittens (who she had delivered while ‘lost’) back.

Sean said: “I contacted the lady who had found Lilly, but she refused to let me have her or the kittens back. I wasn’t giving up though! When she threatened me, I got the police involved who were very helpful. The lady then said I could have Lilly back, but only if I paid for her to get a new carpet.”

It seems that Lilly had torn the thing to pieces – putting her scent on it, maybe, but Sean thinks more likely to let the lady know she wasn’t happy and wanted to head back home to him.

I said I knew Lilly was pregnant, but she would have come home if she had been let out. Later that day, the lady agreed to let me have Lilly back but not the kittens. I had no choice other than to bring her home without them. Later that evening though her husband rang and said the kittens want their mum.”

We’re not surprised, as Sean let us in on the fact that they were only 9 days old! Who on earth would keep 9 day old kittens without their mum? They need to be weaned and taken care of until they are at least 7 WEEKS old.

Thankfully, Sean now has Lilly and all of her kittens safely at home with him and he is “so happy as she is my best friend”.

PS he told us, I’ve kept all of the kittens.

After such a horrid start to life – we can only imagine that the lady who found Lilly while pregnant was planning to sell the kittens or worse! – we’re delighted to name not just Lilly but also her wee ones our Moggy(ies) of the Week.

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