It’s Love Your Pet Day on Monday

Monday of next week (20th February) is National Love Your Pet Day 2017.

What is Love Your Pet Day?

It’s the day to ask yourself how your relationship with your favourite furry friend is going and what you can do better to show the wee lassie or laddie just how much they actually mean to you.


This holiday is a day pet-lovers set aside to give extra attention to and pamper to their pets. Love Your Pet Day is essentially just a chance for every pet momma or daddy to show their own cat, dog, tortoise, lizard, spider, bird, fish or horse how they really feel about him or her.

My plans

Treats, pampering and as much TLC as your pet can handle are all great ways to celebrate but, for my five rescue cats (Akira, Buffy, Caesar, Loki and Ripley), the way that I’ll be showing them how much I love them will be to break their normal routine (by feeding them kitty cat nip chews) and then allow them space to sleep next to me and potentially steal my spot in the bed/pillow – it’s up to them!

Your plans?

If you love your pet, spend extra time with it on this special per-focused day and please feel free to share with us just how you’ve shown your cat that s/he means the absolute world to you.

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