Lucky Underwood – a bird and fish friendly cat


This week’s Moggy of the Week is a cat named Lucky Underwood that lives happily in a family that also has birds and fish.

Lucky is a 6 year old all black cat that I think looks so like my own Black Beauty Bombay, Akira.

Lucky was nominated as an award-winning kitty by his mum, Lucy, who said: “My beautiful cat, Lucky, is the most endearing, affectionate and charming cat you could ever wish for. He is so funny and extremely cute!

We got him when he was a very young kitten. I can remember him cowering behind a TV looking very scared and anxious. He was the runt of the litter and the previous owners didn’t think he’d grow much bigger, but with the love and care we gave him, he’s now a healthy 6 year old joyful bundle of energy!”

Lucy felt that Lucky was deserving of a Moggy of the Week title thanks to his (very unusual – for a cat anyway!) friendship with the family’s pet budgie, Bluebell.


She explained to us: “We also have a budgie called Bluebell. We rescued her from a tree outside of our house. Normally when you have a cat and a budgie, you would automatically think ‘danger’ or you should definitely not have a cat and a bird together. But, surprisingly, they absolutely adore each other and they couldn’t be happier!  Lucky gently taps on Bluebell’s cage and nuzzles up against it. He purrs at her and in return, she happily chirps back at him! It’s adorable!”

As if having a cat and a budgie that are friends wasn’t surprising enough, the Underwood family also has fish too. However, as with Bluebell, Lucky also loves watching the fish in the tank swim round and round and is mesmerised by them rather than wanting to eat them.

Lucy did confess that Lucky taps the tank and the fish swim away, then they come back and he taps it again though. He sounds like a lovely cat and, as you all know I maintain, black Bombay cats are so loving and gentle that Lucky’s good nature with birds and fish isn’t a shock to me.

He is a deserving Moggy of the Week thanks to him being such a nice, well-behaved kitty and making his mum Lucy so happy everyday….AND because, despite traditional fears, the Underwood family’s bird and fish are lucky to have a cat like Lucky around.

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