Meet our new kitten – Ripley


We welcomed a new addition to our family over the weekend – a seven week old kitten that we have decided to name Ripley, after the legendary heroine so perfectly immortalised by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien films. She has a gorgeous moustache of white fluff above her top lip, so it looks like she is smiling all of the time – aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww, right!?!

Ripley the kitten is a little black and white tuxedo fluffball that was given to me as an early birthday present by my girlfriends, Sara and KellyAnn. She is very energetic and loves running around the house like a mad cat. In fact, Jim the Hubby says we should have called her Alien as she keeps disappearing while you’re staring straight at her then reappearing somewhere far off in less than a micro-second. In fact, she is so nippy and fast that I have started thinking we may need a kid’s lead for her or a collar with a bell on it, so we know where she is!

Size-wise, she is no bigger than a tea/coffee mug or mobile phone, but we’re sure she’ll grow quickly. She has already taken a shine to our staircase – and runs up and down it chasing her fellow kitty siblings.


Tuxedo cats like Ripley and our oldest stray cat, Caesar, are soft-hearted and gentle cats with the loud purrs. They are also incredibly playful and talkative by nature, which is true of both of my tuxedo kitties. Tuxedo cats can also be very lazy and like to be mostly settled on your lap, for warmth and TLC and attention. Our little ‘Micro Chip’, Ripley, though has too inquisitive a nature so she won’t lie on your lap for too long as everything is too new and exciting for her to investigate.

At the moment, Ripley spends most of her investigating where gaps between furniture lead and what everything she finds on the floor tastes like – similar to a baby basically in that everything goes into her mouth. She has a bad tendency to be distracted by her tail  too and chases it regularly 😉

Small new desk ornament

We’ve only had her for a few days now but Ripley is our wee darling already. She makes my tummy go all squishy as she’s at that sweet and adorable small size that melts every cat lover’s heart. We’ll keep you updated with how she’s growing and, more importantly, how our other four strays are taking to her presence in their home in our next blog. You can also see what Ripley – and the other four rescue cats – are getting up to via our Instagram page:

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