Meet Miss Kitty Fantastico


I love black cats, so this week’s winning Moggy of the Week is a pretty cute little American Shorthair by the name of Miss Kitty Fantastico (or MKF for short).

Miss Kitty Fanastico, who is the third winner of our Moggy of the Week sponsor VetPlus’s Coatex Aloe Vera and Oatmeal gentle pet shampoo – so congratulations to her. She lives her mum, Allyson, in the Midlands, and  is a two year old rescue cat that Allyson adopted from a local cat sanctuary.

Allyson says: “My kids really wanted a puppy but, as I work, the dog would have been home alone all day so I suggested a cat instead and the kids were up for that. Rather than buying a cat from a pet shop or breeder, we visited All for the Love of Paws, a rescue and rehoming cat sanctuary in West Bromwich. There we found lots of cute cats looking for new homes and my kids and I instantly fell in love with Miss Kitty Fantastico, who was originally called just Kitty, as she was the cheekiest and most boisterous of all of the cats there. Miss Kitty is great with both of my kids and they all enjoy playing together in the garden.”

American Shorthair cats look very much like Bombays (my very own black cat, Akira, is a Bombay Black) – as both have sleek short glossy coats and saucer big eyes – but, unlike the Bombay, which is a highly social type of cat, the American Shorthair is a tad more independent. Miss Kitty Fantastico’s mum, Allyson, says: “She is a real tearaway when we let her out into the garden and whenever I try to get her back in again in the evenings, she ignores me until I stop calling for her and only then comes back to the house for her dinner. She’s very independent, but also a super friendly kitty.”

Another difference between these beautiful black cat types is that Akira, a Bombay, is a very relaxed cat, while Miss Kitty Fantastico as an American Shorthair is far more boisterous and active. Miss Kitty Fantastico, herself, is a prime example of just how playful these cats are as she prefers to be bird watching and playing outside, chasing string and leaves in the wind, than settled on her family’s laps.

“Winning VetPlus’ Coatex will be great for Miss Kitty Fantastico,” Allyson explains, “as she loves to be pampered and spoiled.”

A bottle of the gentle per-friendly shampoo is on its way to you now Miss Kitty Fantastico and we’re sure this prize will work wonders in keeping your shiny black coat soft and healthy



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