Our cats and breakfast rituals

Loki (left) takes up a watchful position on the bathroom window ledge in the mornings while Akira (right) settles on my towel

The morning routine for anyone with cats is a routine very akin to military precision…nothing like the chaos and disorganisation I see in my brother’s house with him trying to wrangle both of my nephews downstairs for breakfast and out the door. For me and my four Furry Babies, each and every morning has a nice, timed organisation to it that means we all run like clockwork.

I wake up to find Loki asleep beside my feet and Akira asleep on the pillow next to me. As soon as I start rousing, Akira stretches out his paws to pat my head and purrs loudly to really ensure I am fully awake. Caesar always appears like magic from my clothes cupboard or a half open drawer as soon as I swing my legs over the side of the bed and Loki then uses the litter tray to make sure that we all get out of bed – and away from the stench he’s just laid down – quickly!

I make my way to the bathroom where my three fellows keep me company as I try to get ready. I am watched from every angle. Caesar keeps guard at the bathroom door and Akira lies on my towel outside the shower while my kitten, Loki, observes us all from the shelf.


Buffy is the most patient of all my cats
Buffy is the most patient of all my cats


When we come downstairs to the kitchen – where Buffy has waited patiently in her radiator bed the whole time – I am watched by all four Furry Babies as I set up their bowls in the feeding area and then fill them up with their breakfast.

Some people ask me why I wait to feed my cats and really it is all about teaching the manners and patience. You may not believe cats are trainable but, since you’ll never find my cats hovering at your elbow while you are eating or trying to snaffle food from your plate without first being invited to, I think you can train cats to have patience. After all it is a virtue everyone – feline or not  – should have and it certainly makes my life with these four easier.

How does your breakfast routine go – smooth like mine or more like a rambunctious wrangle?


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