Mowgli is our Moggy of the Week

Mowgli the kitten from Derby is our Moggy of the Week – look just how cute he is!

Mowgli is just 10 weeks old and has been with his new human mummy, Iaina Richardson, for only a matter of weeks but she already thinks he is an award-winning kitty.

Why? Well, as Iaina puts it, Mowgli is her Moggy of the Week as he has “not had any accidents as yet” and “all of his tiddles have been in the litter tray”.

We know just how hard it is to litter tray little tykes like Mowgli so we are happy to name him Moggy of the Week since he has been a star litter training pupil.

Iaina confessed that Mowgli is now becoming more and more interested in the little fishes so she reckons he needs some new toys and treats to stop me from getting into trouble with his dad.

We recommend visiting PetPlanet, which has stacks of toys for your little ones to play with alone. Amazon also has a constantly updated and changing variety of toys for kittens to keep themselves entertained with.


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