Happy National Black Cat Day everyone!


Today, 27 October, is the national day of celebration for black and tuxedo kitties, where our very own panther-esque kitties are honoured by cat charity, Cats Protection.

So what exactly is Black Cat Day?

Put simply, National Black Cat Day is a one-day annual celebration of and for all-black and tuxedo (black and white) cats. Set up by the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, which helps over 200,000 kitties every year via volunteer-run adoption centres, National Black Cat Day came about in answer to the sad fact that black cats are less likely to be adopted from rescue centres and actually spend almost twice as long as any other colour of cat waiting for a furrever home.


Good question! Some foolish people think that black cats are bad luck – see my previous post in which I explain why this is sooooo not true: http://www.mymoggiesandme.co.uk/black-cats-not-bad-luck/ – while others prefer more flashy coloured, different patterned cats. This is not a criticism of them – different coloured and patterns of cats are all equally gorgeous – but I have a definite soft spot for black and tuxedo kitties and 60 per cent of my five brood are just that!

There is nothing as regal and elegant as a shiny coated black cat – they are like mini panthers!

How to celebrate

So, here are some tips from us to you on how to celebrate Cats Protection’s National Black Cat Day with your very own Bagheera.

Buying your kitty – black or not – a new treat, toy or bed – is top of the list, followed by just spending some more time with him or her today than you did yesterday. We’re all busy nowadays but even a short 5-10 minute play around with your cat and a jangly balls, fluffy mouse toy or the old favourite, some string, will make your kitty 100% happier.

If your cat is one for a belly rub then do this to show that you love them. If they are not into having their belly touched, try starting a game of chase or playing tug of war – gently mind – with them and a ribbon or even a bathrobe belt.

If you ae one of those without a kitty of your own, visit your local cat sanctuary to make a donation or – even better – to see if there is a little furry baby that you might instantly fall in love with and want to take home with you.

Animals shelters are always overfull – with everything from kittens to older cats in need of a home – so consider taking one home with you. I am an avid advocate of adopt don’t shop and cannot recommend highly enough cats for loving company.

Please note that cats in shelters – particularly black cats if the news is right – awaiting a new person to love them may be shy and reluctant to come over to you or to be petted but, as with all animals, once they have gotten to know you and are more comfortable with you and you with them – they are a truly loving companion and fantastic fun to have around.

For those with, and without, their very own Baghera, just look at and enjoy these pics of my wee Bombay Black beauty, Akira….




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