An inspiring tail this National Pet Month

1st April – 1st May is National Pet Month, which is an entire month devoted to celebrating the benefits that pets of all shapes, sizes and types bring to their parents’ and owners’ lives – and vice versa.

Promoting the advantages to human health and happiness, the month-long annual campaign aims to not only support pet adoption and make people aware of the benefits that having a pet brings to households, but also to increase awareness of the services available for pets that need vets and to support pet adoption.

Now you guys know that I am an avid adopt, don’t shop promoter but one local newspaper has come t our attention as it has vowed to really make a difference to animals that do not yet have their furrever home during National Pet Month.

The Grimsby Telegraph is, for each day in the month of April, featuring a pet who needs a home and some of the beautiful animals shown so far include a  one year old long-haired rabbit named Rodney, currently being housed at Ruskington Boarding Kennels, and a three year old American bulldog called Boris, being taken care of by another animal shelter, The Ark.

What has struck us is that this month long campaign by the Grimsby Telelgraph is that it’s not just bringing pets in need of homes to light, it’s also giving a nod to the amazing charities and donation-run shelters that are in the area helping pets out.

Well done to this insightful and charitable regional newspaper – we salute your efforts!

Happy National Pet Month readers, but don’t kill your pets with kindness this month, by over-feeding and spoiling them with too many treats. Instead, spend time with them, play with them and make a fuss of them every day – for this month and every other one.

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