From skinny stray to a little overweight

This week, we chose Monty Sleight as our Moggy of the Week because his tale moved us all. Monty had a hard start to life. He was a stray around Maidenhead for two or three years, before being trapped and rescued by Thames Valley Animal Welfare.


Poor Monty had a broken paw, urine stained belly and was bleeding internally, but his dad Howard told us that, thankfully, after 8 months of loving care by Thames Valley Animal Welfare, wee Monty recovered and came to live with Howard and his family in Reading, Berkshire. The photo that Howard sent in shows just how fat Monty had gotten living in a cat pen and not exercising as regularly as he might have done, without all of his health issues and that broken paw taking time to heal.


“Over the last 12 months though, Monty has slimmed down a lot as a result of playing in our garden and chasing off any other cats,” Howard said. It’s so important to ensure that your cat isn’t obese as being even a little overweight can cause them to develop serious lifelong illnesses like diabetes, just like in humans. Every excess lb can also reduce their lifeline and normal breeds of cats should usually be around 10lbs, while Maine Coon cats can be up to 25lbs. Obviously smaller cats should weight less, so check with your vet if you think your kitty is a little chunkier than may be good for him or her.


We’re so happy to hear that Monty made a full recovery though and has gone from being an ill stray to a loved member of the Sleight household. Long may it continue – the diet too!

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