Peaches – the ninja cat

PeachesThis little ginger and white kitty is Peaches and she is our Moggy of the Week, winning some Felight cat litter from our sponsor, Felight.

Peaches belongs to Lou, Dean and their boys. When Lou brought Peaches home to join their family on 15 December 2012, little did she know what she had brought into the house – none other than a fearsome ninja cat.

Lou explains: “Oh how cute she was! We finally decided on the name Peaches for her, thinking that it was a cute name for an equally cute kitten. Within days her nickname was Peaches Ninja Kitten, as her favourite hobby was to stand on the breakfast bar, looking all cute, like a little bird, meowing but no noise coming out. Then, when you were least expecting it, jumping – all 4 sets of claws out! – onto your back or shoulder. Ouch!”

Peaches - 2

Peaches has four personalities: she is one quarter cat as she does cat like things, like chase birds, mice and chickens, and likes to curl up into front of the wood burner, commonly known as “Peaches’ Warm”; one quarter dog – as she puts our two black labs in their places by attacking their tails or legs and getting in their bed; one quarter ninja – as mentioned above; and one quarter baby – as I can hold her and rock her like a baby until she goes to sleep.”

There will only ever be one Peaches Ninja kitten and she certainly has such a huge personality for such a little cat! Her mummy might be a tad biased though because however fearsome she might be, Lou says Peaches cries at the top of her little voice whenever her mummy goes out. Aw!




Felight - proud sponsor of Moggy of the Week

Felight – proud sponsor of Moggy of the Week

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