PetGP – a cheaper alternative to the vet?


A new Pet Health Advice Line has just been launched by Vetsdirect, the UK’s largest helpline for insured pet owners’ charities, that it claims “will make unnecessary trips to the vet a thing of the past”.

The new advice line, also known as PetGP, is a 24/7 pet health advice telephone service, answered by qualified vet nurses, that offers a quick and cost effective way to access expert advice immediately.

The benefits of PetGP

The aim is to save cat (and dog) owners £100s from unnecessary vet trips, which can also be upsetting for your furry friend – as no cats really want to visit the vet’s surgery.

Set up by Vetsdirect, the new advice line is a great thing, as far as I’m concerned, as (like Vetsdirect’s recent research reports – and my own personal experience with my five rescue cats, Akira, Buffy, Caesar, Loki and Ripley confirms!!!!) two out of three issues with your pet do not require an immediate trip to the vet.

Perhaps more importantly (and again something I can relate to having FIVE cats) the average cost of a trip to the vet is £300, so a vet visit is not a cheap trip – ever!!!

Cheaper than a vet visit?

PetGP is designed to offer complete flexibility for owners, with options for pet parents to choose from to suit their own pocket. There is an annual subscription with unlimited calls for just £4.50 per month or a one off call – charged each time you make a call – for a flat rate of £12.50.

We asked PetGP MD, Jamie Moodie, why cat owners should try this new advice line out for themselves and he explained: “Over the last 10 years our 24/7/365 triage service, operated by qualified vet nurses, has helped hundreds of thousands of insured pets and their owners avoid unnecessary trips to the vet. It has also helped to catch serious issues early and save pets’ lives. We’re extending our service to UK pet owners who don’t have an insurance policy, or one that gives them access to our advice line, with what will be a game changing pet health service. While there will always be circumstances where it’s essential an owner takes their pet to a vet, we are able to provide owners with instant piece of mind over what is the best course of action for their animal and potentially save them money in the process.”

For more information on this new Pet Health Advice Line, just visit

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