Photogenic Penny

Penny is a 3 year old kitty who only recently celebrated her birthday – so we thought let’s give her the gift of being our Moggy of the Week.

Penny’s mum Lisette told us that she has lots of pics of her as she is VERY photogenic………

“Penny chose us, and came to us in our garden just skin and bones,” Lisette went on to tell us. “I enjoy your blog as we look after some other cats, too, who come to us to get away from noisy children in their own household….we once had to call the RSPCA about one cat who the bad children had tried to flush down the loo! He was absolutely terrified, stinking and soaking wet…..but he was returned to that household and the RSPCA told us he had a happy home.  I try to do what I can for the local Cat Protection League and enter lots of comps where I win cat food and always donate it to them.”

We think Lisette is a real cat whisperer and are delighted that she donates cat food to her local Cat Protection League – they can always do with as many hand-ins as possible readers, so feel free to do the same as Lisette does.

As photogenic as Penny may be though, she does have a naughty side as she is a proper hunter now, unfortunately – and we only say that because Lisette feeds the birds and she says it’s sad how many Penny catches!

Well Lisette, cats will be cats, won’t they!?!

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