Oh no, a post-op infection


A week after her spaying, we took Ripley in to get her stitches removed and, although there was no red angry marks or anything that I would have thought was bad-looking, the vet has given us the terrible news that poor wee Ripley’s keyhole surgery area is infected.

Now to me it didn’t look infected but after the vet – a wonderful woman that I trust, thankfully – broke the skin and removed the scabs, she noticed a slight swelling – nothing I’d have spotted – and proceeded to drain about 3mm of puss from my poor wee soldier’s side. Ripley obviously had a lot of puss under her skin so the vet gave her an antibiotic injection, after draining her and checking the raw skin under the picked off scab, which she said would last for 14 days to help healing and get rid of the under-skin infection.

The antibiotic injection cost me an additional £13 but that’s a very small price to pay for my kitten’s healing and health. On the bad side though, it does mean poor Ripley is to stay in the cone for another week – that darned buster collar is going to be a pain for another 7 days.

Ripley is also on extended house arrest as going outside could cause further infection. So she’s not happy and I’m feeling guilty about letting Caesar, Loki, Buffy and Akira out while having to keep Ripley in – boo. Hope the next 7 days bring rapid healing likes……

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