REVIEW – JML Purrfect Arch


Is JML’s Purrfect Arch the ideal self-grooming tool for cats?

As the mother of four stray cats that shed simply everywhere, I was delighted to hear about the JML Purrfect Arch – a self-grooming and massaging toy for cats.

The need

Like me, most kitty mamas tend to think that everything is normal with a bit of cat hair in or on it – from work suits to cereal – you name it! But there are many pet owners – not just cats, but dogs, rabbits and anything else that’s four legged and furry really – that reckon the only downside to these family favourites is the sheer amount of hair they leave all over your house and your clothes, and in your food, etc.

So is the new JML Purrfect Arch the answer to the problem of our pets’ hair moulting and ending up all over the shop?

The design

The Purrfect Arch is exactly what it says on the tin – an arch of durable, safe, plastic bristles that your cat can rub against and walk under to scratch his or her own back and/or to dislodge loose fur without it ending up all over your carpets and clogging up your vacuum cleaner.

The arch sits on a square carpeted base, that you can put cat nip onto. This will entice your kitties to scratch the carpet base of your Purrfect Arch rather than your household carpets and furniture.

The claim

“This smart grooming toy has a brushing and massaging arch made of durable, safe plastic bristles and a catnip infused*, carpeted scratch base that will have your cat coming back time after time.

Your pet will love the grooming and massaging effects of the Purrfect Arch. The bristles remove loose hair and help to shed undercoat so it doesn’t get on your carpets. And the carpet-covered scratch base gives kitty something to scratch that isn’t your furniture!”

* Catnip provided separately.

Loki has a little sniff of the Purrfect Arch

The cost

The JML Purrfect Arch’s RRP is £19.99 but at the moment you can grab this item via retailers such as for £9.99 and Amazon for £7.39.

The results

Although all of my cats were initially interested in the arch after it was set up in their daytime slumber area aka the dining room, none of them have actually used it for its intended purpose – self-grooming – and I cannot say in all honesty that there has been any reduction in the amount of hair I’ve found around the house since it was set up.

Perhaps because they are lazy devils, my cats only seem interested in lying on the catnip infused carpeted base – so it’s not worked for them at all other than as a catnip toy/treat/resting place really.


I wouldn’t pay £19.99 for this item – nor, in fact, would I pay Amazon’s £7.39 as you could always just pop to a local pet shop and buy a cheap cat brush or comb for like £1 that would do what this item claims to do – or a catnip treat in a festive bag of cat stuff, for giving to your feline friends on a non-regular basis.

And if you are looking for more bargains, head over to this great site –

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