Robin – the man of the house


This little ray of light is Robin and he is our Moggy of the Week, winning free Felight cat litter from our sponsor, Felight, thanks to being his mum Sara’s best friend.

Sara from Leven said: “Robin has always been a total lap cat and he has kept me company for 13 years. I got him as a kitten as he was the cutest cat I had ever seen. He has a little tooth that juts out and little white paws too, which are very distinctive against his tiger coloured coat.

Robin has always my gorgeous wee man but, when I met my husband David, he would get very jealous whenever I tried to cuddle David. In fact sometimes, he would even sleep between us in the bed and would get very annoyed if we tried to move him. He has been the man of the house for so long that it was hard for him to share me and responsibility with David.”

Thankfully the three made it up and became a happy family in the end.

It is hard for cats to accept new members to the pack but stick with it as the more the merrier in most cases.

Felight - proud sponsor of Moggy of the Week
Felight – proud sponsor of Moggy of the Week

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