Roku – a Scottish kitty that is easily taking over Thailand

I’ve never been to Thailand so I was stunned to find out that Thailand’s most famous cat hails from here in Bonnie Scotland.

Roku is a charming Scottish fold kitty that has “aerodynamic ears and silver fur”. He has over 360,000 Instagram followers and an ever-increasing social media following via YouTube, Twiiter, you name it.

Unlike true Scots though, Roku is known for his lazy habits. Most of his Instagram pics are of him lounging around belly in the air, lol.

Roku’s parents are social media and promotion experts SixtySix (“Dad”) a photographer known only by his company name, and Pek (“Mummy”), the owner of a fashion brand and artist agency. They said: “We drove straight to a breeding cattery in Bangkok—and as luck would have it, he was the last male kitten there. Having Roku is great company. To describe him simply, he is exactly what you see in his photos; funny, adorable, and lazy.”

Congratulations to Roku as this week’s Moggy of the Week. We selected him as he is gaei gorgeous so we have to wonder if – along with his fine Scottish looks – does Roku actually speaks Scot. If so, we’d like to say whit a brammer lookin’ specimen ay moggieness wee Roku is*

*TRANSLATION: “What a lovely looking specimen of catness little Roku is.”

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