Salem Sabahagen – has us bewitched

Salem Sabahagen.jog

Salem Sabahagen – named after Sabrina the teenage witch’s cat – is our Moggy of the Week, winning himself a free bag of Felight cat litter from our lovely sponsor Felight.

Salem is 15 in May – so a Gemini – and loves to chase Mia, the family’s two year old Staff dog, around.

Salem Sabahagen and Mia

Salem was adopted by his family in June 2001 and they chose him over his siblings simply because he was the biggest and laziest of the litter!

His mummy says: “Salem chasing the dog is funny as she’s a staff so it looks hilarious wen the poor dog is shaking. Thankfully, unlike other cats, Salem has never gone missing, although he did fall out of a second floor flat window once. He has a scar on his chin to prove it, but he didn’t seem all that bothered as he just wandered back up the stairs completely fine. Salem used to go out loads but now he just sits in the garden.”

We know that Salem also likes the tumble dryer and can sometimes get into it when his family is not looking. He is a lovely cat that is spoiled rotten and we hope it may long continue, as Salem is a magical Moggy that has even us totally bewitched.

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