Seeing Caesar has a cat cold

Tongue out

Seeing, rather than just talking to, my cats showed me that my eldest, Caesar, was in need of a vet while I was away.

So, I’ve been away from home for over two weeks now and missing my Furry Babies – and Jim the Hubby of course – meant that just “talking” to /at them over the phone wasn’t working any more. I wanted to see my wee ones so Jim and I decided to try Skype calls so I could”see” each of my babies. And thank goodness we did as, immediately upon seeing my poor wee eldest rescue cat, Caesar, I noticed that he had a terrible cold and needed some TLC.

Skype calls = chasing cats around

Our first Skype call saw James chasing around our home searching for each cat in turn and trying to give me a decent, clear shot so I could really get a good look at them – something I was missing not being at home for these past few weeks.
Akira responded to seeing my face on Jim’s phone by rubbing against it and purring loud enough for me to hear it all the way down here in Birmingham 😉
Buffy seemed confused. She didn’t see me but kept looking around when I talked to her so she’s an audio kitty not a visual one it seems
Loki was uber excited to see and talk to me while Ripley, who is now 17 weeks old (I can hardly believe it!!!) couldn’t have cared less. She was too distracted by Jim trying to get her attention!
Caesar, as old as he is, was a bit slow to understand where my voice was coming from. But he looked sooooo emotional when he finally saw me on the phone’s screen.  He however did not look all that good to me.  His poor nose was running and he had yellow gunk around both of his eyes.  I asked Jim what the heck was going on and he confessed that Caesar had been caught out in the rain one day when Jim was at work and had been sneezing ever since!
The vets it is then!
I immediately told Jim off and forced him make an appointment with the vet for the next day – today. My poor dear old man,  Caesar, is seeing the vet at 3 pm and I can only say that “talking”  to Caesar never would have revealed his need for the vet. It took his mummy – me – to take one look at him during our Skype call to know that he needed a vet’s appointment ASAP. Amen to seeing your babies!
So now I’m stuck by my phone waiting for Jim’s call after Caesar’s 3 pm appointment, to hear what the vet had to say. I suspect it’s a cold so fingers crossed that’s all it is. Will let you know as soon as l know……

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