A wee kitten that simply Sparkles

Sparkles MoW

After receiving my very own kitten as an early birthday present, I am all about the cuteness of these adorable little fluffballs – so, this week’s Moggy of the Week is Sparkles, another little girl kitten – very similar in age to my Ripley.

Sparkles is a beautiful grey and white spotted tabby that is now two months old and has gorgeous tiger-like markings all over. She lives with her mummy and daddy here in Scotland and her mummy Sara explained that she chose Sparkles as her name since she had brought the sparkle back into Sara’s life at a difficult time.

“Sparkles came into my life at just the right time – I had lost my sparkle and she helped me get it back. As cute as Sparkles is, she is definitely more cheeky than cute during her play time. When she is naughty, I can’t be mad though – even when she is chewing my shoe laces – as she cocks her head to one side as if to say look at me mummy. I am adorable!”

Sparkles - MAIN

British spotted tabbies like Sparkles are known to be cute and cuddly and Sara says this is definitely true of her little girl.

“Sparkles loves to cuddle in at bed time and she settles down by licking my finger and nibbling it until she falls asleep. I love her to bits. She is adorable and just makes me smile way too much.”

We are so happy to hear that Sparkles has given both her mummy, Sara, and daddy, David, their very own sparkle. Please be sure to share pics of her growing up with us!

For pictures of our other Moggies of the Week, our very own kitten, Ripley, and her four furry siblings, Caesar, Loki, Akira and Buffy, just visit our Instagram page to see what they have all been up to: https://www.instagram.com/mymoggiesandme/


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