Sprocket and Smudge

Here at MyMoggiesandMe, we’re all a bit soppy for adopted and rescued cat stories and the kitties themselves….and this rescue tale had us smiling as it is so cute.

Meet our Moggies of the Week, Smudge (long haired grey and white) and Sprocket (aka Monkey, who is ginger, grey and white). They are sisters who were rescued from an industrial estate by a cat sanctuary when they were only a few weeks old.

Being so young when they were taken in, they were a bit feral but after only a few weeks with the kind cat helpers at the local sanctuary, they were adopted by their mum Emma Jones when they were about 6 weeks old, which was, she says, only a couple of years ago:

“My two cats, Smudge and Sprocket, were found with their mother and brother on an industrial estate when they were about 4 weeks old. They were all feral, but my son and I adopted them after seeing them in a local cat rescue charity and visiting them to handle them for a couple of weeks. It took some weeks to get them to start trusting us but they’ve grown into happy, healthy cats over the last two years.

They have their routines that they love, including knowing when bedtime is. I tell them it’s bedtime and so they lead me to the kitchen where I get their treats out of their cupboard. Then they run into the living room and sit on either side of their play ball track. I drop treats into the gaps and they fish them out with their paws. They each have favourite things and places to lie, however will both go and sit on any paper or magazine on the floor and will both jump into any box that’s put down. When they were still kittens, they used to love sitting in tissue boxes. Their favourite game is chasing rolled up little balls of tin foil. Sprocket even catches the balls on the stairs and bats them back to you so you can throw them again. Smudge picks them up and takes them with her.

Smudge and Sprocket bring me so much happiness, laughter and comfort. I’m disabled and can’t walk far so cats are perfect companions. They don’t judge and love you unconditionally. Having just gone through my eighth major surgery, my cats give me the reason to get up and moving in the mornings, and to snuggle up together in the evenings.”

We love this story and are just so glad that Emma has found happiness and good companions with both of her kitties and that Smudge and Sprocket now have such an amazing and loving home after their sad start in life.

Definitely keep us updated on how they grow up Emma! Pictures are a must too so we can share them via our Instagram, along with all of the other cats we feature on our site:  https://www.instagram.com/mymoggiesandme/

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