Keep in touch with cats – they miss you too!


I’m in Birmingham for three weeks and am missing my five rescue cats loads after just the first few days, and by their pining and weird behaviour, it seems that they are missing me too.
I returned here to the Midlands for work and meetings in London and am couch surfing between a few kind friends for the duration of my stay. While I am here, Jim the Hubby is taking care of Caesar, Ripley, Loki, Buffy and Akira, with help from my mummy too while Jim is out at work all day.
Will my cats miss me?
After having me working from home for the past six years and me spending a lot of time during the day with them, and feeding them all at regular points throughout the day (my cat feeding regime is little and often to keep everyone happy!), I was worried that my five rescue cats would struggle with me being away and Jim the Hubby out of the house for 12 hour working days while I wasn’t there.
When I spoke to him last night on the phone, Jim the Hubby said that Buffy – our eldest girl – is really noticeably pining for me. Ever since I left, she’s been lying under the stairs by her food bowl and near the front door, and won’t be moved.
Who is missing me the most?
Caesar and Akira – my two oldest boys – are spending all of their time asleep on my pillow and side of the bed respectively. The only furry babies who are ok (so far anyway) in my absence are the two youngest, Loki and Ripley. The former spends most of his time outside anyway and Ripley is getting to the age now (16 whole weeks old on Monday 15 August) where even simple things like a roll of string keep her entertained for hours. So she’s not too fussed by me not being home.
What can I do?
To try and encourage Buffy and Caesar and Akira to leave their selected sleeping spots, Jim the Hubby suggested that he put me on speakerphone so I could talk to all of the kitties. This may in truth have been partly for me too as I was missing my babies terribly after four days away from them.
Did it work?
So we did that on the first day and Buffy, Caesar and Akira all came when I called them, rubbed against the phone when I said their names and made mummy noises at them (you know the ones, cooey, hello baby, aw what a pretty girlie, mwah mwah mwah etc) and were just generally far happier after that call, according to Jim the Hubby.
I too felt much better and less worried and stressed about them afterwards, so we may have to think of another way for me to keep in contact as I’m going to be down here for another two weeks!

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