Cats love sunbathing

Marble Thomson is aptly named as she is a stunning tortoiseshell cat, just like our very own Buffy – who she totally reminded us of, which is why she is this week’s Moggy of the Week.

Here is Marble enjoying the garden in the nice weather we’ve been having at the moment. May is always glorious for sunbathing and cats are especially fond of laying out in the warm weather and snoozing – mainly because they love to find warm spots to relax in. Kind of like us in a spa. Even long haired cats, like Maine Coons, love to sunbath and this is because they are descended from a long line of wild cats – tigers, lions, panthers – that originated in dessert countries. You know that Egypt is a tourist hotspot for its street cats, right? Well them and the pyramids.

Marble’s mum, Olivia, told us that she didn’t have the best start to life as Oliva rehomed Marble from the Cat’s Protection League after she was found dumped in a box outside a local vets with her two newborn kittens.

Olivia said that the two wee kittens were also rehomed by kind families and that these days Marble enjoys snoozing on the sofa, playing in the garden and eating anything she can find!

Cats crave warmth partly due to their diet too you know. While we humans eat carbs to give us extra energy, a cat’s diet is made up mainly of protein, which doesn’t do quite the same as carbohydrates in giving extra energy to heat them internally.

Olivia went on to say: “Marble is always hungry and loves eating treats. She can be quite a monkey when she wants something but she is happy and safe now which is the main thing.”

We are such avid promoters of adopting cats that need furrever homes, so take our hats off to Olivia for giving Marble a loving home, and garden, to spend her days in.

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