Tabby the cat is really a princess

Tabitha ‘Tabby’ Bird is our Moggy of the Week this week.

Tabby sadly lost her brother, Ozzy, last year from lung disease so we wanted her to know that we are thinking of her and hope she’s feeling less sad now.

Tabby’s mum Emma and dad Jason told us: “Our beautiful and extremely loving cat Tabby (Tabitha) is 11 years old. We bought her for our daughter who was four years old at the time. Our other cat Ozzy was very jealous upon her arrival but they grew to be good friends. Sadly he died last year and now Tabby has become more affectionate and happy to stay in our company (she was extremely shy beforehand would often hide away).”

Emma and Jason love Tabby very much and even call her princess (from the princess and the pea story) as she sleeps on cushions piled up on other cushions and if their children leave blankets out then they often find Tabby sleeping on the very top of those piles too.

Emma went on to say: “She is such a sweet cat, never once hurting us or the kids and now always wanting to be with us. She will follow us everywhere, she hates to be alone. Each morning after breakfast she’ll wait patiently by her scratching post and toys, waiting to play! Tabby is honestly the best cat in the world and we love her to bits. Before Ozzy’s death, she was very shy, rarely sat with us and kept herself to herself or was happy being with Ozzy even cleaning him too! But since his death she has been quite lonely and seems to need a lot of affection, it appears she doesn’t like being alone, she is always with one of us. If we leave the room she follows and waits for us. She doesn’t seem to lay for hours sleeping like she used to – she seems to want to play or be stroked and uses every opportunity she can to get our attention.”

We’re sad to hear that Tabby lost her brother but as she has become such a loving and lovely companion to the Bird family, we wanted to recognise her as our Moggy of the Week as she has never once scratched or hurt the family and she really does deserve to be named Moggy of the Week as she is a truly wonderful kitty.

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