The big reveal

One week after Ripley’s last check up, when her spayed stitches area was reported by the vet as being infected, we were back to find out if – two weeks after her actual operation – the vet could a) confirm her infection was gone, b) remove the stitches, c) confirm Ripley can go outdoors into the garden again and d) perhaps most importantly – to Ripley anyway – take the dreaded buster collar off.

After taking the stitches out, the vet confirmed that Ripley’s infection was going but that to make extra sure there wouldn’t be any problems, she’d recommend another course of antibiotics – this time in tablet form.

So, another £10 paid out and we’re home and getting started on those immediately.

What about the buster collar? I hear you ask…….not great news I’m afraid.

Poor wee Ripley has to stay in it for one more week. She is getting used to it now at least and can even manage to lie down – in the cat carry case, which has weirdly become her favourite place to sleep – and eat so all good on those fronts but I think we’re both just looking forward to when things can go back to normal as the whole time Ripley has been the only one of our five rescue cats that can’t be let outside to enjoy the garden.

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