The Story of Cats TV programme

ITV's new TV series - The Story of Cats
ITV’s new TV series – The Story of Cats

I watched the first episode of a new ITV three-part documentary series that  looks at how the common house cat has evolved from different species of feline across the globe.

The first episode compares the common pet cat to its bigger cat family – African tigers and white maned lions. A professional lion whisperer – Kevin Richardson – highlighted the similarities between different cats and explains the mysteries of feline communication, and showed just how understanding a cat’s way of communicating made it possible for him to play with and pet some of the usually fearsome big wild cats.

Not like the recent ITV series Secret Life of Cats, which narrated by Martin Clunes, explored the rare features cats have and why they have them plus divulged where they went after dark and followed their relationship with their owners.

Instead, ITV’s The Story of Cats chose to explain why domestic house cats are so similar to the wild cats across the world – from their ability to jump one metre into the air from a seated position to their incessant scratching of all new items of furniture.

Household moggies share 96% of their genes with tigers and, throughout this first episode, I loved the comparisons being made between domestic kitties and big cats like lions and tigers and the vast multitude of similarities between the two cousins.

I for one discovered that when my Furry Babies rub against me, they are simply marking me as theirs! So, the more they do it, the more they love me and are warning other cats off trying to make me theirs.

Apparently bringing live mice into the house to chase around the living room is for your benefit as they’re teaching you, as part of the pack, how to hunt!

Next week’s episode will look more at how wild cats became the domestic house kitties and why they’re the world’s favourite pets – is there more to our moggies than meets the eye?

If you missed any episodes, hurry up and you can still catch them here: for a limited time.

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