Thula – a magical Maine Coon companion

Thula - a real gentle giant
Thula – a real gentle giant

We couldn’t go this week without picking Thula, a Maine Con cat that keeps six year old autistic girl Iris Grace company, as our Moggy of the Week.

Thula has received well-deserved recognition from people across the world thanks to her helping little Iris Grace cope with everyday life and express herself with gorgeous paintings.

Maine Coons are larger than most other domestic cats and have a lovely friendly and affectionate temperament – so are ideal companions. They are loyal and have such a sweet nature that they’re nice to children and behave themselves around other animals too.

As we can see from her friendship with Iris Grace, Thula – being a Maine Coon cat – is not just attentive to her wee girl, she’s also very laid back, just like an easy-going gentle giant.

To see more of Thula, visit her and Iris Grace’s Pinterest page:

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